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  • “It’s going to be a fantastic night surrounded by amazing equipment and I’m looking forward to meeting all these wonderful people”, said acclaimed chef Peter Kuruvita. And with that, the throng of foodies assembled at the Gourmet Institute gained a …

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  • Work it. Stretch it. Move it. Reach higher. Push yourself!

    Exercise releases endorphins – those happy bunnies that suddenly spring to life in our hearts and make us feel amazing. (Also known as endogenous opioid peptides.)

    We all know …

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  • Ding ding ding! This is your wake-up call.

    Clash the symbols. Bang the drums.

    Or, to put it simply, switch on your hair dryer.

    Late at night (while everyone else is enjoying a healthy REM cycle) is the hair-drying time …

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  • From the outset of his Gourmet Institute master class, Chef Shannon Bennett made his intentions clear: the aim of his cooking demonstration was to change people’s perception of seafood. And on Wednesday 11th June 2014, at the Harvey Norman …

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  • Just when we thought the flat-screen had become the new style standard of television, Samsung has thrown us this curve ball.

    So, what is the theory behind Samsung Curved UHD LED TVs? Samsung believes that if our eyes are …

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